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A swimming pool, in addition to providing a convenient place to cool off, exercise and gather with family and friends, also represents a major investment in your home. It contributes to the value of your property. In an existing property, it usually adds more to the evaluated price than what is spent on it.

Entertainment - Hours of fun for weekend picnics, lazy summer afternoons and romantic nights. Watch your pool become the social centre for you, your family and your neighbours and friends!

Status - We know that most will hate to admit, but a pool in your property is the ultimate status symbol, and one that will present an opportunity to create a stunning centre piece to the leisure area

Convenience - Head to your back garden for cool family fun rather than trudging down to the local council facility or fitness club. Its not often you can unwind a volley ball net over the local council pool either!!!
Aesthetics - Seamlessly blend into your garden and can be combined with effects to create a truly elegant setting.

Exercise - What better way to stay in trim or perhaps assist mobility to those who are recovering from injury or have a long term disability?