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Outdoor Pools  

Outdoor swimming pools, though relatively simple and inexpensive to build, are big energy consumers. Pool owners spend a small fortune annually to heat outdoor pools. Much of this energy is often wasted and can be saved with proper design.

How do outdoor swimming pools lose heat?
Outdoor swimming pools lose energy in a variety of ways, but evaporation is by far the largest source of energy loss .

10 litres of water evaporating is equivalent to approximately 7 kwhrs of energy. A 10 metre by 5 metre pool can expect to lose this amount of water every hour just by evaporation. They are seldom pretty, but floating pools covers do provide a solution to this dilema!

What can we do?
Engineered Pool Supplies can minimise the energy consumption by installing fully automatic pool covers, accurately sized high efficiency pool heaters, pumps and other equipment that will significantly lower the energy consumption and thus operating costs. We can assess whether your situation and local tariffs suit electric heating (direct or by heat pump) , mains gas, bottled gas, oil (Kerosine or Diesel) or the provision of solar panels.