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Deck Level Pools  

Deck level swimming pools are so called because the level of water is same as the level of surrounding pool deck. In some modern residential and most of commercial pools, the skimmers are frequently replaced by an overflow channel through which water overflows constantly into a balance tank, from where it is pumped into the circulation system.

The quality of filtration achieved by deck level swimming pool filtration systems is superior to other conventional systems albeit at the cost of deck space around pool. Due to the extra construction and addition of perimeter channel grating, deck level pools are more expensive than skimmer type pools, but are well worth the price. 

As shown in the photographs, a deck level overflow pool is great to look at. Another variation of overflow swimming pool is the vanishing / negative / infinity edge pool. One of the latest trends in swimming pool design, it gives unhindered view of what lies beyond the pool to swimmers. Design of vanishing edge swimming pools is highly specialized and it is imperative that all circumstances are considered before the actual construction begins on site. Some of the most stunning pools ever built are vanishing edge pools with a lake, bay or garden beyond. Photographs of such pools can be found on the gallery page.