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A swimming pool can be lots of fun & a great way to entertain the family & to exercise. However it, is never is able to produce the relaxing luxury of a heated spa with its soothing massaging jets and therapeutic aeration bubbles.

The temperature, at around 36 deg C is set just about body temperature so that you have a warm feeling & the moving water massages you in a way that only water can. The water also gives you buoyancy to take your weight off your frame and limbs and relieves your muscles and tendons from the stress of supporting you.

The movement of the hot water in a spa is enough in many cases to provide relief for arthritis & similar pains. For many years, whirlpool massage baths have been used in rehabilitating those who have suffered muscle & tendon injury. 

A spa should always be operated with a continuous supply of filtered and treated water. Dependant upon how heavily used the spa is, it may be possible to turn off the treatment and filtration system over night. A period of recovery after use, and a period of treatment before use will always be required however and this is where simple time controls are an advantage over more basic systems.

Chemical treatment should keep the level of disinfectant high enough to destroy any bacteria, virus or other harmful organic material, and there are an increasing variety of treatments available to provide suitable sanitising.

The most important thing to remember while considering a spa is that it is NOT just a small swimming pool. Compared with a pool, there is obviously much less water per bather, which means the "pollutants" introduced by the bather will be more concentrated. The temperatures are high, which increases the production and deposition of sweat and body fats and the direct water jet impingement on the body also increases the deposition of fats and skin. The introduction of air also has a tendency to rapidly change the PH of the water adding to the challenge of keeping an acceptable water quality.