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Pool design is understandably normally interpreted as the shape of the pool, the design of the surroundings and perhaps even the local landscaping and planting.

The aesthetics should not be the entire focus for the designer however as the practicality of the build, the accessibility of the site and the ultimate effectiveness of the water treatment plant must not be overlooked. It takes a team with good experience to produce a design that succeeds in all aspects.

Water depths, internal profile, slopes & pool cover are important factors in the usability of your pool. This is especially so where young children are involved or if the pool is to be used with a diving board (cage of safety applies) Since the concrete swimming pool is a permanent structure, a wrong style or size could be regretted immediately after commissioning and for years to come.

The four basic types of pollutants i.e.  floating debris, settled, suspended and dissolved are removed from the pool water by skimmers, vacuum head, filter and chemical dosing system respectively. It is very important to ensure that these components are properly selected and connected with the ability to control them as required.

The type and size of pool chosen will obviously depend on budget but it can also be controlled by the land you are building it on or by the relative value of pool to the value of house.

Engineered Pool Supplies Ltd has the knowledge and experience to design easy to maintain and efficient swimming pools and we are happy to assist in planning the scheme right from the initial concept through to hand over and commisioning of your ideal pool.