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  Movable Floors  
Moving pool floors are by no means a new concept. There are many commercial pools which regularly use their moving floor to convert a 3 metre deep diving pool into a shallow area suitable for toddlers.

Recent advances and innovative designs have brought the prices of moving floors into the domestic market. Of course they are still not cheap, but then neither would you expect the engineering required to be available at a knock-down price.

At the luxury end of the indoor pool market, moving floors are seen as the ultimate way to maximise the use of the pool room. The space need not be limited to exercise and swimming alone. At the press of a button the rising pool floor will raise itself to the same level as the pool surround. With appropriate choice of materials it can be difficult to detect what lies below the new games room, dance floor or banquetting hall. This fabulous new open space can now be used for a multitude of functions and turn back to a swimming pool at the press of a button. Dont forget to move the tables and chairs though !!

Note: Moveable floors are a particularly specialised field and should be designed with the manufacturers. Any "general" contractor who suggests otherwise needs to be treated with caution.