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Engineered Pool Supplies Ltd 

26 Hornsby Square, Southfield's Business Park, Basildon, Essex SS15 6SD
T: 01268 418808  F: 01268 418810   sales@dehum.co.uk

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Our range of services includes:
Bespoke concrete pool design and construction
Mosaic tile design and installation
Indoor swimming pool dehumidification
Pool filtration systems
Chemical dosing control systems
Automatic heat saving pool covers
Heat recovery ventilation systems
Boiler plant and heating systems
Ground source and air source heat pumps
Domestic hot and cold water systems
Under floor heating
Swimming pool control panels and plant room wiring
Pool covers and concealing beams and trays
Troubleshooting of problem schemes
We also provide design consultancy and project management services to architects, private clients and general pool trade for the various processes involved in construction of a new pool or spa.

This consultation service would normally include advice on plant and building design, including vapour barrier and SAP rating advice

With in excess of 800 installations to refer to, and over 60 being engineered at any one time, EPS always have relevant examples and anecdotal advice to offer.